Limited Edition Pickle Decks

Are you tired of the same old boring fingerboard shapes? Want to show off your love for pickles in a unique way? Well, look no further!

Teak Tuning just launched a limited edition batch of pickle fingerboards! 

Each deck is 32mm wide, 97mm long, and features medium kicks and concave. Each deck has five cross-grain plies and is sanded, drilled, and glossed. 

This deck is the perfect combination of pickle perfection and fingerboard sturdiness. These decks have a unique shape with a wavy and asymmetrical shape like a real pickle. Yup, we made a custom shaper especially for these boards!

And let’s talk about the graphic! This deck features a stunning, hyper-realistic image of a pickle. It’s so detailed, you can almost taste the brine! Underneath each deck you’ll find a number to identify which limited edition deck you received. These heat transfer graphics will wear down over time like a real skateboard graphic as you ride it.

Need to care for your pickle deck? Here’s how:

  • Do not refrigerate after opening
  • Do not submerge 
  • Do not consume 

Despite the satirical aspects of this release, this is a professional fingerboard deck that is fully functional and performs great. This is a limited release and batch so get your pickle deck while you can!

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  • J. Holmes

    Stoked I found you guys! Can’t wait to get my first complete in a few weeks!

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