How To Pick The Perfect Outdoor Setup

The Fall season is the perfect time to ride your fingerboard outdoors while the weather is cool. Fingerboarding outdoors is a fun way to find new and unique spots, ride different surfaces, and try something different. 

One of the best things about fingerboarding outdoors is that you don’t need to bring any ramps or rails. While you can bring some along if you’d like, many outdoor spots and gaps can be ridden without ramps, rails, or accessories.

Here’s everything you need to know about picking your own Teak Tuning outdoor setup:

Step One: Pick Your Deck 

When choosing a deck for your outdoor setup, it’s best to stick to a deck type that you’re comfortable with. Since you’ll be finding and riding new spots, it can be helpful to use a deck width and shape that you are comfortable with. 

Teak Tuning has a wide range of decks, including 32mm, 33.3mm, and 34mm wide decks. All Teak Tuning decks are great for outdoor riding. If you’d like your deck to look the same after sliding across rough outdoor surfaces, then a deck with an exotic, dyed, or blank bottom ply will work best. You can also place a graphic wrap under your deck. After the graphic wrap wears down, you can replace it with a fresh one.

If you’d like the graphic on your deck to wear away like a realistic skateboard deck as you ride outdoors, the Heat Transfer Graphic Decks are your best choice. These “real wear” graphics will wear down over time as you slide across surfaces. 

Step Two: Pick Your Trucks 

When selecting your trucks, you should match the width of your trucks to the width of your deck. For example, use 32mm trucks on a 32mm deck. 

Teak Tuning offers a few different kinds of trucks, but the best trucks for outdoor riding are the Teak Prodigy Trucks. Prodigy Trucks are heavy duty and strong trucks that come with lock nuts.

Lock nuts have nylon inserts inside of them to help the lock nut stay fixed to the axle or kingpin. This will minimize the chance of your lock nut falling off while doing a trick. You definitely don’t want your wheel or tuning to fly off, especially outdoors where it can be hard to find! 

Fun fact: Prodigy Trucks also come with a free set of 61A Durometer Pro Duro Bubble Bushings in the Teak Teal Colorway. 

Step Three: Pick Your Wheels 

Teak Tuning has a large collection of wheel options that are great for outdoors. Depending on the surface that you’d like to ride on, it is usually better to use wheels that have a higher/harder durometer. A harder durometer wheel will enable you to move across rough surfaces, pivot your board, or do power slides. 

If you’d like to use urethane wheels, the 71D Apex Wheels are a great choice for outdoor riding. 

If you’d like a hard budget wheel for your outdoor setup, the 100D Polyurethane Wheels are a great option for riders on a budget.  

Build Your Own Custom Complete: 

Teak Tuning makes it simple to select your perfect complete with the new Complete Builder. You can build your own complete and select your deck ,trucks, tuning, and wheels. Once you’ve selected all your complaints, add the bundle to your cart and a discount will automatically be applied at checkout. 

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How To Pick The Perfect Outdoor Setup