How To Make Your Fingerboard More Like a Real Skateboard

If you’d like to make your fingerboard look and feel more like a miniature skateboard, here are a few Teak Tuning products that will make your fingerboard feel and look more realistic! 

Mini Skate Grip

Most fingerboarders use foam tape instead of skate grip because of the soft, grippy, and comfortable feeling of foam tape. For those who prefer a more realistic grip option that is similar to skateboarding, Teak Tuning has a line of skate grip. Teak Tuning skate grip is just like standard skateboard grip, but is slightly smoother so it does not hurt your fingers.

Skate grip is perfect for riders who want the realistic skateboard feel, enjoy the skate grip on Tech Decks, or want to do Dark Slides. A Dark Slide is a type of slide where you slide across the rail or ramp while your board is upside down. Standard foam tape will not slide, but skate grip is perfect for this trick.

The Teak skate grip line is one of the most diverse skate grip lines in the fingerboard market. We have simple solid colors, and graphic design skate grips. Each graphic is professionally printed into the grip, and will not come off.

Urethane Wheels

Urethane is a material that is used to make real skateboard wheels, and it has crossed over into the fingerboard scene. Over the years, urethane wheels have become increasingly popular with fingerboarders because of its unique feel and characteristics. 

Urethane material has great shock absorption and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Urethane also has a good grip with the ground - this is what causes the “squeak” sound that many fingerboarders love. 

The Apex Wheels line by Teak Tuning has multiple durometers (hardnesses) of urethane along with three different wheel shapes:

Bowl Style Cruisers (left): Larger and thicker wheels, ideal for cruiser and old school setups.

New Streets (middle): The “standard” size fingerboard wheel.

Shorty Shape (right): The “mini” wheel size. 

Pro Duro Bubble Bushings

Most fingerboard trucks come with o-ring style tuning, but if you’d like your trucks to look like skateboard trucks, you should use Pro Duro Bubble Bushings. These bushings are modeled after realistic skateboard bushings and come with three different durometers: 

51A Durometer: Great for those who prefer a super loose feel - The most responsive tuning offered with maximum truck movement and range.

61A Durometer: Great for all ability levels - Very responsive – Allow for extreme truck movement and range.

71A Durometer: Great for those who prefer a tighter feel that allows for crisper movement and tricks - Provide a moderate amount of truck movement and range.

Bubble Bushings are available in solid colors, glow colors, swirl editions, and glitter infused editions. Regardless of what color scheme you’d like, there is a set of Pro Duro Bubble Bushings to match your setup!


  • Lucas Ely

    This is really nice! I think you should make graphic grip tape with foam! It would be sick!

  • Tavish Oceana

    I also think dynamic trucks look more like skate trucks, other than the inverted kingpin. It seems 61D wheels are the most realistic over 71D. Teak provides some epic bang for your buck completes with 61D wheels and foam grip. This combo has the highest performance because the foam tape feels better and has more gripe, with the wheels and deck this setup will feel totally realistic!

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How To Make Your Fingerboard More Like a Real Skateboard