How to Get Sponsored by Teak Tuning

Since Teak’s early days in 2014, Teak has always had a lineup of fingerboarders who are officially sponsored by Teak Tuning. But what does a sponsorship with Teak entail and how do you get on the team?


The Teak Team

The Teak Team consists of fingerboarders around the globe who were invited to be a part of the Teak Team. Teak riders ride and represent Teak Tuning gear in their photos/videos and receive free Teak gear in return.

A sponsorship with Teak Tuning means more than just getting free stuff - the riders become a part of the Teak Tuning family. The riders are added to the Teak Team group chat, get regular updates about the company, and assist with product development. Many of our new products are ridden and tested by the Teak Team before they are released. We value their feedback and make changes to prototypes and new products based on their feedback.


Getting Sponsored By Teak Tuning

The best way to get sponsored by Teak Tuning is to support the brand and ride Teak Tuning gear. If you use Teak Tuning gear in your videos or photos on social media, feel free to tag @teaktuning or use #teaktuning so we can find your content!

We go through the Teak Tuning hashtag and tagged posts on a regular basis, so if you use them, we’ll be able to see your posts. In addition to posts and videos, you can also tag us in your Instagram stories for a chance to get reposted.

We look for riders who represent Teak Tuning, enjoy riding Teak gear, and who are a positive influence in the fingerboard community.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to be good to get sponsored?

A: Not exactly – who you are as a fingerboarder is more important than what you can do! As long as you have fun and progress, your specific skill level is not super important. Teak would rather sponsor someone in the beginning stages who has a lot of potential and is a positive influence in the community instead of someone who has insane skills but is negative in the community and to others.

Q: Would I get free stuff?

A: Yup! The team does get free sponsor packs, but… you are expected to ride and represent the gear. Sponsorships are not all about the free gear, so if that is all you care about, you may not get sponsored. Team riders may also receive pre-released products and prototypes that they cannot share as they test.

Q: What is Teak looking for in a rider?

A: Teak looks for riders who are positive in the community, represent Teak gear/enjoy riding it, post quality content consistently, and who are progressing in fingerboarding.

Q: Do I have to own Teak gear to get sponsored?

A: It is hard to represent and back something that you have never tried. We prefer to sponsor riders who constantly ride and enjoy Teak gear, but it is not a requirement to own a lot of Teak gear.

Q: Can I DM or email you my clips?

A: In general, you probably shouldn’t DM or email fingerboard brands to ask for sponsorships. Teak Tuning (and most other brands) notice who is representing and supporting them in the community.

Q: Do you accept sponsor videos?

A: In general, we don’t sponsor riders from sponsor videos and do not have open tryouts. We will reach out to riders as we see them in the community.

Q: Can I represent Teak Tuning even if I’m not sponsored?

A: Absolutely! You don’t need to be sponsored by a fingerboard company in order to represent the brand.

Q: Who is currently on the Teak Team?

A: You can check out the current Teak Team here ! We’re proud to work with this group of amazing fingerboarders. If you’re looking for great fingerboard content from riders who are a positive influence in the community, check out the social media pages of our Teak Tuning riders!

Video of Teak rider Charlie Hanson, filmed and edited by Felipe Cea


  • Brandon Wyatt Jacobs

    Hello Teak Tuning I would like to be a part as your team/ family. I am a Fingerboarder who is dedicated and learning tricks and getting better day by day. I have made a demo video on YouTube. My channel is Brandon Jacobs. Looking forward too ur response.

  • Walker Chapman

    What’s up? I have a YouTube channel that I have been doing for a couple months now and I have been fingerboarding for a couple years, I am pretty good. I would love to join the team if possible!

  • Finley

    How old do you have to be to get sponsored?

  • Brandon

    Hi! my name is Brandon and I love teak tuning I have been fingerboarding with a teak board for a couple months now and I love it! I am kind of new to fingerboarding and I make content about it on youtube. i am also trying to start my own fingerboard company so it would be cool to team up and make products together.

  • Elias Christol

    I am a fairly new fingerboarder i know how to kickflip, and ollie, and can do most grinds. I enjoy cheering people on and can post content regularly to Instagram

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How to Get Sponsored by Teak Tuning