Decked Out! Which Deck Should I Use?

Teak Tuning has decks of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Which deck is right for you? 

Standard Wooden Decks

The standard wooden decks have a symmetrical shape with rounded sides and concave in the middle. These traditional boards are perfect for doing tricks. Each board is made of five plies of cross-grained wood for maximum strength and pop.

Carlsbad Cruisers

Carlsbad Cruiser style decks are similar to the standard wooden Teak Tuning decks, but with a more pointed nose and squared off tail. The unique cruiser shape feels different and fun to ride, especially in bowls and transition fingerboarding.

Longboard Deck

Just like a real-life longboard, the Teak Finger Longboards are completely flat! These boards feature a longboard shape and are perfect for cruising around.

Each board is made of wood and has a slight flex for an authentic longboard feel. While they may not be ideal for traditional tricks, these are a fun addition to any collection.

Composite Polymer Deck

The Composite Polymer boards feature a similar shape to the wooden deck, but they are slightly different and are made of a unique material! Each deck is made from a high quality, strong polymer composite that allows for a solid pop and slight flex.

The real wear material wears down like a regular skateboard on rough obstacles/surfaces. Wears down and marks like a real wear deck. This unique design provides maximum strength and durability.

Finger Snowskate

The mini Teak snowskate is the perfect board to skate the snow! Each board has indentations underneath to help you shred the snow. It is also made of a plastic material that will not waterlog or warp when it is wet or in cold temperatures. 

We recommend using gloves while shredding the snow to keep your fingers warm, or wait until the snow is starting to melt and the weather is a little warmer.

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Decked Out! Which Deck Should I Use?