Can I Get An Assembled Fingerboard Complete? 

Assembling your own fingerboard complete can be tricky if you’ve never done it before! With so many small and precise parts, it’s easy to drop or lose tiny nuts and bolts while setting it up. Teak Tuning just launched assembled fingerboard completes!

Completes may be nothing new to Teak Tuning ( we have tons) but up to this point, all completes have to be assembled once you receive them. This includes mounting the trucks, installing the wheels on the trucks, and putting on the tape. We now offer completes that are assembled in the package so you don’t have to do most of the setup!

We’ve started out the “Ready To Ride” collection with a handful of Pro 32mm completes. These completes will come with the trucks and wheels assembled to the deck. The only thing you’ll have to do is apply the included foam tape or your tape of choice. Each complete also comes with a set of 61A Pro Duro Bubble Bushings that you can swap out.

Each assembled complete includes:

  • Fingerboard deck with trucks and wheels (assembled)
  • Set of Pro Duro Bubble Bushings 
  • Sheet of foam tape
  • Application file

When you’re scrolling through the website, you can easily identify these new completes by the “Ready To Ride” sticker in the top right corner. Each one of these completes has a blue sticker in the corner so it’s quick and easy to identify the assembled completes.

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  • Jason

    I would love to have one like this

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Can I Get An Assembled Fingerboard Complete?