What Are Pivot Cups and How Do I Use Them?

If you've ever purchased a Teak O-Ring Kit, you may have wondered what the small tubes were for or what they are supposed to do. Or maybe you know what pivot cups are from skateboarding, but do they really work on fingerboard trucks?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Teak pivot cups:


What are pivot cups?

A pivot cup is a small strand of tubing that are inserted into the baseplate so your trucks will have smooth and precise turning as you ride.



Do I have to use them?

Pivot cups are not necessary for fingerboard trucks; the trucks will perform and turn well without them. Pivot cups are an additional add-on that you can use if you like how they feel or look. Some riders like how it feels, while other like adding a little splash of color to their trucks.

In skateboarding, the riders full body weight is on the skateboard, thus pivot cups are a necessary part of the trucks to help the trucks pivot and prevent the hanger from wearing down against the metal baseplate. In fingerboarding, however, the board and trucks are only tolerating the weight of the riders fingertips and pivot cups are not a necessary part of the truck.


Where can I get pivot cups?

Pivot cups are sold separately by Teak in many different colors and are also included for free in Teak Tuning O-Ring Kits.

Fun fact: The O-Ring Kits are the original product that Teak released back in 2014. They include o-ring tuning, washers, and pivot cups. Teak still carries the same OG O-Ring Kits today!


How do I install pivot cups?

  1. Take your trucks apart by unscrewing the locknut and removing the tuning/separating the baseplate and hanger.
  2. Place the pivot cup tube on the end of the hanger. Be sure to push it up the hanger so it does not come loose or fall off.
  3. Put your trucks back together. The pivot cup should go into the hole in the baseplate. Part of the truck hanger should also be in the hole, not just the pivot cup strand.
  4. Part of the pivot cup may stick out of the bottom of your truck. This is completely normal because Teak pivot cup strands are slightly longer than needed so you can cut your pivot cup to your preferred length. Simply cut the excess pivot cup material away from the underside of the baseplate.
  5. Put your trucks back on your setup and shred!


What trucks can I use my Teak pivot cups on?

Teak pivot cups are compatible with all Teak Truck versions and most regular trucks in fingerboarding. They will not fit Blackriver Trucks and Yellowoods’ Y-Trucks, but they are compatible with almost all other trucks.

Even though pivot cups are not necessary for fingerboarding, they are definitely worth a try! Matching the color of your bushings and pivot cups always looks great on a color coordinated setup!

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What Are Pivot Cups and How Do I Use Them?