The Best Obstacles For Beginners

If you’re new to fingerboarding and still getting comfortable on your board, you may want to try out these top three picks for beginners. All of these ramps can be used for riders of all skill levels, but each obstacle has features that make it a little easier for beginners to use as they get comfortable on their board.

Kicker Ramp

The kicker ramp is the perfect ramp for beginners because it has a smooth transition onto the ramp and has a wide riding surface. No need to Ollie onto the ramp or try to do a trick to get on it, simply ride up on the kicker and launch off. Each kicker is handmade in the USA to ensure that each ramp has a seamless and smooth transition. 

Polebank XL 

Just like the kicker, the Teak Polebank has seamless transitions and is handmade in the USA. This ramp has three banks and a rail that runs across the top. Since the Teak Polebank is larger than most other pole banks, it’s comfortable and spacious when riding. It Is a fun ramp for beginners (and riders of all skill levels) to skate. 

Parking Curbs 

Curbs are great for everyone, but they are easier for beginners to use because they are low to the ground. It’s easy to get into grinds and slides, and it is a great obstacle to learn new tricks on. You can ride the concrete curbs or try out the fun shapes available in the Poly Ramp series of curbs. Many of the Teak curbs also add a little bit of realism to fingerboarding since some designs look like miniature versions of actual life-size parking curbs. 

While all three of these obstacles are ideal for beginners, they can be used by riders or any skill level! Be sure to follow @TeakTuning on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest ramp releases and more.

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The Best Obstacles For Beginners