Apex 85D Performance Plastic Fingerboard Wheels, New Street Shape - Premium ABEC-9 Stealth Bearings - Kelly Green Colorway - Set of 4


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★ COLOR: Kelly Green
★ MATERIAL: Premium Hard Plastic
★ HARDNESS: 85D Durometer
★ SIZE: 7.7mm diameter, 4.9mm wide

★ BEARING TYPE: Premium ABEC-9 Stealth Bearings

We took all the feedback from the first release and have worked to make these even better. Apex wheels now include a Bearing Pocket - a full custom bearing lock that prevents the bearing from coming out except while using a bearing press.

Set of four Apex Series, New Street Style Performance Plastic Fingerboard Wheels in "Kelly Green".

The Performance Plastic New Street Style 85D wheels are hard feeling and feature a shiny, polished finish. This medium grip wheel has a high squeak when you powerslide across a surface or do a sharp turn. Measuring 7.7mm in diameter and 4.9mm wide, these wheels are great for all skill levels and for doing tricks on all kinds of surfaces.

These wheels contain premium bearings with an ABEC-9 rating. These bearings are our highest quality fingerboard wheel bearings. They are extremely smooth and completely silent. These are sturdy bearings that will allow extreme movement and control. However, due to them being greased and completely shielded, they do not have the free spin our "Ultra Spin" Edition bearings do. In actual use, they are extremely responsive and have a very free roll.

These wheels are designed and made in the USA using a premium quality, custom Teak blended, hard plastic material. Each wheel is casted and cut in New York. Colors are hand mixed and may vary slightly between sets.

Perfect for riders of all skill levels. Includes a free Teak Tuning sticker. Storage tube cap color may vary.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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