O-Rings | Dynamic Y-Trucks


      What are O-Rings?
      Some form of tuning is necessary for your fingerboard trucks to function best. O-rings are a great option.

      Who needs O-Rings?
      All Teak Tuning trucks come with a set of pre-installed O-Rings. If you like how those ride or need to upgrade the tuning on your Blackriver, Tech Deck, FlatFace, etc. trucks, O-Rings are perfect.

      How do O-Rings feel?
      O-Rings are great for those who prefer a medium truck tightness. Medium tightness allows for some movement and turning while riding.

      What are the Y-Truck/Dynamic kits?
      These kits are designed for use with Y-Trucks or Dynamic Trucks. They provide a medium tightness.

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