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Teak sponsors professional fingerboarders (and skateboarders) around the world.

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Teak Team USA

Charlie Hanson

Corvallis, Oregon
Fingerboarding & Skateboarding Since: 1999
Favorite FB Trick: Wizzle Flip Late Flip (forward flip late backside flip)
Favorite SB Trick: Sal Flip


Bridge Helleson
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Fingerboarding Since: 2014
Favorite FB Trick: Wavy Spin
Skateboarding Since: 2013
Favorite SB Trick: Fakie Big Spin


Lyric Low
Seattle, Washington
Fingerboarding Since: 2005
Favorite FB Trick: Kickflip Back Tail
Skateboarding Since: 2009
Favorite SB Trick: 360 Flip Rewind


Elliot Vair
North Carolina, USA
Fingerboarding Since: 2006
Favorite FB trick: Late Shuv


Kelsey Barker
Texas, USA
Fingerboarding Since: 2011
Favorite FB trick: Hospital Flip


Jake Simms
Yorba Linda, CA
Fingerboarding Since: 2015
Favorite FB Trick: Nollie Heel
Skateboarding Since: 2018
Favorite SB Trick: Tre Flip

Trenton Timberlake
Texas, USA
Fingerboarding Since: 2015
Favorite FB trick: Late Impossible


Teak Team International 

Byron Carlier
La Louviere, Belgium
Fingerboarding Since: 2013
Favorite FB Trick: Nollie Tre
Skateboarding Since: 2012
Favorite SB Trick: Frontside Feeble


Teak Team Local

Rochester, New York
Fingerboarding Since: 2020 (and in childhood)
Favorite FB trick: Tre Flip to Crook
Skateboarding Since: 5 Years Old
Favorite SB trick: Kick Flip and 50-50


Brian Avery
Rochester, New York
Fingerboarding Since: 2005
Favorite FB Trick: Kickflip Back Tail
Skateboarding Since: 2014
Favorite SB Trick: Heelflip Back Nose Slide



Eusi Mentus
Utica, New York
Fingerboarding Since: 2003
Favorite FB trick: 360 Flip
Skateboarding Since: 2005
Favorite SB trick: Switch Flips and Hard Flips