Teak Tuning Foam Fingerboard Grip Tape Sample Pack

Foam Fingerboard Grip Tape Sample Pack


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This sample pack includes one sheet of each of the three different types of foam fingerboarding tape.

Includes 1x PROlific 0.5mm thickness tape, 1x PROlific original 1mm thickness tape and 1x PROlific easy-peel tape.

The texture of PROlific tape provides optimal control during tricks, grinds, and slides. Each type features a unique feel & application, making this set perfect for riders who aren't sure which to choose, or for those who want to try them all. Each sheet measures 110mm in length and is 38mm wide (aside from Teak's Original Foam Grip tape, which is 35mm wide) and features adhesive backing for easy application.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Foam Fingerboard Grip Tape Sample Pack