Teak Tuning PROlific 32mm Complete - "Monochrome" - Spacer Trucks + O-Ring Tuning

PROlific 32mm Complete - "Monochrome" - Spacer Trucks + O-Ring Tuning


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Dive into fingerboarding with our entry level Prolific complete, thoughtfully tailored for beginners and featuring essential upgrades for a quality start. This set includes a 32mm x 97mm fingerboard deck, perfect for new enthusiasts with its comfortable and responsive design. The one-piece foam tape enhances grip and control, aiding in mastering tricks and maneuvers. Color-matched basic spacer trucks at 32mm not only add visual appeal but also provide stable and smooth navigation. The inclusion of four CNC lathe 100D Ultraspin bearing wheels ensures top-notch performance and durability. Standard O-ring tuning is provided for essential responsiveness and flexibility, suited to a beginner's needs. The set also comes with a fingerboard tool for easy adjustments and maintenance, ensuring your board remains in excellent condition. Plus, a mini file is included for precise trimming of the foam tape, allowing for a customized fit. This set is an ideal choice for those starting their journey in fingerboarding, offering a blend of quality and simplicity at an affordable price.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

PROlific 32mm Complete - "Monochrome" - Spacer Trucks + O-Ring Tuning