Monument Series Concrete Jersey Barrier - 7" Long, 2.25" Tall - "Sterling Gray" Colorway


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A brand new series of ultra premium, super durable concrete fingerboard barriers and obstacles. Teak Tuning's Monument Series obstacles are custom molded with a unique blend of polymers for smoothness and exceptional durability. The versatile polymer modified concrete has superior physical and performance properties compared to regular concrete products. Each obstacle is manufactured and hand poured by Teak Tuning in the USA.

The Jersey Barrier obstacle features a realistic street-inspired design. Makes an excellent addition to any fingerboard park. Perfect for tricks, grinds and slides. Ride the top surface or up and down the side transitions. The Monument Jersey Barrier features alignment keys on either, allowing you to set multiple barriers side by side and create a smooth transition from one to the other. Teak logo is engraved along the side transitions. Side design and indentations do not snag fingerboard wheels or hinder riding. Perfect for all riders of all skill levels. Includes a sheet of non-slip foam tape, allowing you to customize the grip on the base of your obstacle.

Obstacle measures 2.25" tall, and is 7" long. The top ledge measures 1" wide and the transitions taper to 2" wide at the base. Includes a free Teak Tuning sticker.

This obstacle features a smooth surface that will scuff, mark up and wear over time with use, just as real skateboard obstacles do.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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