Teak Tuning Finger Snow Skate - Lilac Fairy Colorway

Finger Snow Skate - Lilac Fairy Colorway


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Skate the snow with the new Teak Finger Snow Skate!

Each board is custom-made in Rochester, New York with quality plastic that will not water-log or warp in the snow, ice, or water. 

Each board is 33mm wide, 97mm long, and features medium kicks and concave. 

Each board features seven indented channel that run along the board to optimize control in the snow. The Teak logo is also embedded into these channels. 

Each board includes a free sheet of Teak Tape and a Teak sticker.

The edges of the board can be tuned like a real snowboard! Simply sand the sides of the board to sharpen them to carve in the snow.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Finger Snow Skate - Lilac Fairy Colorway