Summer Fingerboarding

Summer is finally here, which means it's time to hunt some fun outdoor fingerboard spots! While fingerboarding at home on obstacles and rails can be fun, the Summer is a great time to bring your fingerboard outside and look for some skate spots.

Outdoor Fingerboard spot ideas:

  • Parks: Look out for large and smooth rocks/tree stumps to skate.
  • Playgrounds: The playground slide is the ultimate mega halfpipe, plus your local playground may have some other spots to ride.
  • Street Spots: Look for curved or smooth architecture and street spots around your city that you can fingerboard on.
  • Backyard: No need to travel far to fingerboard outdoors! Take a look at your own backyard and utilize the smooth surfaces and gaps that you have at home.

If you are ready to ride outdoors, here are a few gear recommendations that will help get you through the Summer:

Complete Carrier 

The Complete Carrier is the perfect accessory to make your fingerboard portable! The silicone loop hooks around fingerboard trucks and provides excellent grip for easy carrying. The plastic clip can be attached to any key ring, backpack, bag, belt loop or hook. 

Each carrier is made entirely in the USA and features strong construction for durability.

Fingerboard Bag

If you’d like to carry your gear with you as well, Teak has a few options for fingerboard bags. 

If you want the ultimate bag setup, the Large Fingerboard Bag is a spacious and heavy duty bag that will fit multiple fingerboards and numerous small parts.

If you’d like to travel in style (or just like miniatures) then check out the Mini Backpack. This is a mini version of a real-life backpack that can carry multiple fingerboard decks in the large pocket and small accessories, tools, and trucks in the small pocket. 

Spare Parts and Accessories 

If you’re on the go, you’ll want to make sure that you have a few extras on hand. To avoid your session being halted by a lost part, you should keep some extra hardware on hand, such as:

Spare Lock Nuts
Extra Screws
A backup set of Bearing Wheels and Bushings

Key Ring Tool

This convenient Key Ring Tool can be attached to your keys or any zipper. This 3 in 1 tool features a nut driver for all nuts/lock nuts, screwdriver for all standard fingerboard parts, and screw driver for Y-Truck kingpins.

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Summer Fingerboarding