New Teak Team Riders

Teak TTeak Tuning is excited to announce that three new riders have joined the Teak Team! 

First, we’d like to welcome @rocfingerboards to the Teak Locals Team! He has been supporting Teak, hosting local events, and growing the local Rochester fingerboard community. He started fingerboarding as a kid and recently returned to fingerboarding in 2020. His favorite trick with his fingers is a tre-flip to crook, and his favorite skateboard trick is kickflip and 50-50 (he has been skateboarding since he was 5). Out of all the Teak products he owns, his favorite Teak product is the Engraved Jersey Barrier

We recently also welcomed a long time Teak supporter to the team! We have watched @gg.fb__ ride Teak products, tag Teak in his videos, and grow his page for ages and we are proud to officially welcome him to the team! GG is from New York City and is a master of combos, grinds, and tricks that will blow your mind. He’s been fingerboarding since 2018 and his favorite fingerboard trick is a noseslide to nollie tre to noseslide. He has also been skateboarding since 2017 and his favorite skateboard trick is a slappy noseslide. GG’s favorite Teak product is the new line of Pro Duro Bubble Bushings

We are also proud to welcome @hawaii.fb to the team! He is our first rider from Hawaii and is representing his island with some crazy, mind blowing tricks and combos. He has been fingerboarding since 2020 and his favorite fingerboard trick is a Switch Casper Heelflip. He has also been skateboarding since 2021 and his favorite skateboard trick is a Treflip. His favorite Teak product is the line of Bubble Bushings - a Teak classic. 


What is the Teak Team?

The Teak Team consists of fingerboarders around the globe who were invited to be a part of the Teak Team. Teak riders ride and represent Teak gear in their photos/videos and receive free Teak gear in return. 

The riders become a part of the Teak family – they are in the private Teak Team chat with the other riders, get to see prototypes and upcoming products, have a say in the new gear, and can also have their own signature graphics and Pro Duro Bubble Bushings.

How can I get sponsored?
If you would like a shot at getting sponsored by Teak, the best way is to use #getsponsoredbyteak in your videos and photos that features Teak gear. The hashtag is monitored regularly, and this is where new Teak Team riders are chosen from. 

Using #getsponsoredbyteak will not guarantee a spot on the Teak Team, but it will help get you on the radar!

How often should I use #getsponsoredbyteak ?
As much as you’d like! Teak is looking for riders who stick with it and show dedication.

What is Teak looking for in a team rider?
Teak looks for riders who are positive in the community, represent Teak gear/enjoy riding it, post quality content consistently, and who are progressing in fingerboarding.

Do I have to own Teak gear to get sponsored?
It can be hard to represent and back something that you have never tried. We prefer to sponsor riders who constantly ride and enjoy Teak gear, but it is not a requirement to own a lot of Teak gear.

Will I get free stuff?
Yes. The team does get free products, but… you are expected to ride and represent the gear. Sponsorships are not all about the free gear, so if that is all you care about, you may not get sponsored.

Does the team get prototype products?
Yes, all new Teak products are tested by fingerboarders before they are released, and the Team Team helps with providing feedback and suggesting improvements for Teak prototypes.

Do I have to be good to get sponsored?
Not exactly – who you are as a fingerboarder is more important than what you can do! As long as you have fun and progress, your specific skill level is not super important. Teak would rather sponsor someone in the beginning stages who has a lot of potential and is a positive influence in the community instead of someone who has insane skills but is negative in the community and to others.

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New Teak Team Riders