How To Upgrade Your Tech Deck on a Budget

Tech decks have long been the gateway to the world of fingerboarding. As an affordable and easily accessible starting point, plastic Tech Decks are a good starting point for those who would like to give fingerboarding a try. Here are a few budget-friendly upgrades to level up your Tech Deck with Teak Tuning gear.

Foam Tape Upgrade: Grip Matters

One of the most noticeable and effective upgrades for your Tech Deck is replacing the stock grip tape with foam tape. Foam tape provides a softer and more comfortable feel under your fingers, making it easier to control your board.

1mm Foam Tape is the most common kind of foam tape used in fingerboarding. All Teak Tuning foam tape also includes a free grip file for easy installation. If you’d like to customize your Tech Deck even more, you can get micro engraved foam tape with engraved designs. 

CNC Bearing Wheels: Smooth Riding on a Budget 

Upgrading your Tech Deck's wheels can make a significant difference in its performance. CNC bearing wheels are a cost-effective option that provides a smoother ride and better spin.

CNC Wheels contain miniature bearings that allow them to roll smoother, faster, and longer than standard Tech Deck wheels. These wheels are perfect for both indoor and outdoor fingerboarding. These wheels come in classic colors such as black and white, plus multiple colorful options are available to customize your setup.

Tuning: Customizing Your Ride

Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are professional shaped bushings for your fingerboard trucks. Each set is molded from an ultra-premium silicone material with a consistent shape and hole placement on every single bushing. These bushings are durable and come in solid colors, swirls, glitter-infused editions, and more.

Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are available in three different durometers (hardnesses). Lower durometers have a softer feel and higher durometers have a harder feel. If you like your trucks very loose with a lot of movement, the 51A durometer is the best choice. If you like to ride tight trucks with minimal movement while riding, the 71A durometer is a great option. If you like a standard medium feel when riding, the 61A durometer is a great option. 61A is also a great starting point if you are not sure which durometer you will prefer. 

Lock Nuts: Secure Your Gear
Once you’ve upgraded your wheels and tuning, you’ll want to replace your standard Tech Deck hex nuts with lock nuts so you don’t have to worry about losing your new gear while riding. The main advantage lies in the nylon insert, a small but mighty feature that makes a significant difference. This insert acts as a built-in resistance mechanism, creating a tight grip on the threads of axles and kingpins. As a result, nylon insert lock nuts are less prone to loosening while riding.

Six lock nuts are needed per setup: 4 to place on the axles and 2 to place on the kingpins. This will ensure that your wheels and tuning are less likely to come loose and fall off while you are riding. Teak Tuning lock nuts are available in silver, black, and gold for the ultimate customization. 

Upgrading your Tech Deck on a budget is easy with Teak Tuning. By incorporating foam tape for improved grip and comfort, CNC bearing wheels for a smoother ride, tuning for custom truck movement, and lock nuts for securing your parts, you can transform your Tech Deck into a better setup without breaking the bank.

Want more tips and tricks for upgrading your Tech Deck with Teak Tuning gear? Check out this video made by one of our team riders for more pointers and suggestions:

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How To Upgrade Your Tech Deck on a Budget