How to Install O-Ring Fingerboard Tuning

When Teak Tuning opened back in 2014, the O-Ring Tuning Kits were the first products that Teak launched! Since they work well and are incredibly durable, the O-Ring Tuning Kits are still available today. 

Each O-Ring Tuning Kit includes four o-rings, four stainless steel washers, and two pivot cup tubes. 

Even though shaped tuning (like our Pro Duro Bubble Bushings) have become the standard for fingerboarding, many riders still like to ride the OG o-rings. 

Here’s everything you need to know about installing a set of Teak O-Rings on your trucks: 

Step 1: Remove the current tuning

Use a tool to remove the locknut, then remove the hanger and current tuning. 

Tip: Be careful when removing the lock nut. Since it’s so tiny, it is incredibly hard to find if it is dropped on the floor or carpet.

Step 2: Install the bottom washer and o-ring

First place a washer on the axle, then place an o-ring on top of it. 

Step 3 (optional): Put on the pivot cup

Each O-Ring Kit comes with a free set of pivot cup tubes. Cut down the tube to the size you’d like and place it on the end of the hanger. This is the part of the hanger that will go into the baseplate. 

Step 4: Place the Hanger

Once the bottom washer/o-ring is placed on the kingpin, place the hanger back on the kingpin.

Step 5: Install the top o-ring and washer 

Place the bottom o-ring on the kingpin, then place the washer on top. 

Step 6: Install the locknut

Use your tool to screw the lock nut back onto the axle.

Step 7: Complete your set

Repeat steps 1-6 for the other truck.

Tip: Do NOT overtighten the lock nut. When a lock nut is over tightened, any tuning you use will not last as long.

Do I have to use washers?

If you like to ride your trucks very loose, you don’t have to use washers. The o-rings will be fine without washers as long as they are not overtightened.

Are o-rings better than shaped tuning like the Pro Duro Bubble Bushings?

Both are great options, but it comes down to personal preference. 

How do the Teak O-Ring Kits compare to the standard o-rings that are pre-installed on all Teak trucks?

The Teak o-rings are a step up from the o-rings that are pre-installed on all Teak trucks. Teak O-Rings are more durable and last longer. They are made from a strong material that is tear resistant and lasts a long time. 

Fun fact: There is a fingerboarder out there that has been riding the same set of Teak O-Rings since 2015! These o-rings can last for years! While you may need to clean them a few times and the vibrant color may fade over the years, these o-rings are built to last. 

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How to Install O-Ring Fingerboard Tuning