32mm or 34mm For Fingerboarding?

New to fingerboarding? Fingerboard veteran but looking to keep up with the ever-changing trends? Want to try something new?

Then you're probably wondering whether you should look at a 32mm setup or a 34mm setup. We'll help.

Teak Tuning 32mm Complete Fingerboard Setup in Blue Blizzard

The OG - 32mm
The width of fingerboard decks and trucks has slowly got wider in recent years. Tech Deck first produced 26mm setups and a lot of deck makers back in the early 2000’s would make decks around that width as well. Over the years, the boards have got wider and the trucks have got wider (& better!). 32mm is now the standard, but there was a time when riding a 32mm seemed way too wide to ride!  The standard 32mm complete setup is just the right width. Since it’s been around for a while, there are plenty of additional options designed specifically for 32mm setups. It’s also the perfect fit for hands/fingers of any size.

Check out Teak Tuning's selection of 32mm decks, 32mm spacer trucks, 32mm prodigy pro trucks, 32mm truck + tuning kits, 32mm starter kits32mm standard completes and 32mm upgraded completes!


Teak Tuning 34mm Complete Fingerboard Setup in Blue Suede Shoes

The Newbie - 34mm
Now the community has taken the jump to 34mm.
If you're interested in something wider or slightly heavier, 34mm may be better for you. 

If you're into the new kid on the block, check out Teak Tuning's selection of 34mm decks, 34mm prodigy pro trucks, 34mm starter kits and 34mm completes!


Teak Tuning Limited Edition 33.3mm Red Polymer Composite Deck

The In-Betweenie - 33.3mm
Our 33.3mm limited edition polymer composite decks bridge the gap quite nicely. These decks allow you to check out a slightly wider feel without fully jumping into the world of 34mm. Plus, they look awesome!


Teak Tuning 32mm Spacer Trucks with Clear Glow Bubble Bushings

I already have a bunch of additional stuff. Will it fit on my new setup? 
Teak's graphic wraps, ColorBlock wraps, tape, Gecko Grip, wheels, bushings... (everything you can think of) fit on the entire range of sizes so totally jazz up your new setups without ditching your old stuff.
However, if you choose to put a 32mm truck on a 34mm deck (or vice versa), you'll get a whole new feel. Wider trucks make the fingerboard a little harder to flip for certain tricks BUT you might just find that you love it that way!

So, what do you recommend?
You can catch us (+ the Teak Team) riding 32mm, 33.3mm and 34mm. It really just comes down to personal preference which you’ll find better after trying various widths.

Looking for a fully decked out complete fingerboard set but not sure what is what? Check out our blog post on all things completes and starter kits.


  • Teak Lover Ed

    Can you sponsor me?and how could you give me free stuff?I am a teak supporter and I love your products.#teak tuning

  • Pam Joncas

    Hello my grandson has a fingerboard sized 48×105 what size trucks should I buy thanks

  • Ryan

    Whats the difference between the upgraded ones and the standard ones?

  • Gavin Shannon

    Keep in mind the wider the deck the slower it will flip but the more surface to catch but smaller the deck the faster it will flip but less to catch

  • Jorge Vazquez


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Teak Tuning - What's the Difference Between 32mm and 34mm?