10 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Apex Wheels

Fingerboard wheels may be tiny, but having the right set of wheels can make a huge difference. Upgrading to high-quality wheels can improve your precision and control, giving you the ability to ride with ease.

Different shapes, sizes, and durometers are available to cater to various styles of riding and different types of surfaces. Ultimately, investing in quality fingerboard wheels is a wise investment that can take your skills and enjoyment to the next level.

Teak Tuning offers a line of high quality bearing wheels called Apex Wheels. If you’re on the fence about trying out Apex Wheels, here are ten reasons why you should upgrade to Apex Wheels: 

  1. High-Quality Construction in the USA: Apex Wheels are made from high-quality materials and are made in the USA from start to finish.
  2. Wide Range of Colors: Apex Wheels are available in a wide range of colors, allowing riders to customize their fingerboard. Whether you’d like a simple color, a crazy  multi-color swirl, or anything else in between, Apex Wheels are available in a wide range of color options.

  3. Wide Range of Wheel Shapes: Apex Wheels are available in multiple shapes and sizes to cater to all riders. Most fingerboarders ride standard size wheels like the New Street Apex Wheels or the Slim Bowl Apex Wheels. If you’d like smaller wheels, consider the mini  “Shorty” Apex Wheels. If you’d like to ride larger wheels, consider the Cruiser Wheels or Globe Wheels

  4. Affordable Pricing: Apex Wheels are priced affordably, making them accessible to riders on any budget. 

  5. Multiple Material & Durometer Options: Whether you like to ride a grippy urethane wheel or a smooth polymer, Apex Wheels come in a variety of durometers and materials. Each wheel has a durometer rating - the higher the number, the harder the wheel. For example, 61D wheels are soft and grippy, while 71D wheels feel harder and smoother. 

  6. Bearing Lock Design: Each set of Apex Wheels has a bearing pocket design that locks the bearing into place. 

  7. Two Premium Bearing Options: Apex Wheels have two different bearing options. The Ultra Spin bearings are fast and have a high free-spin, but are a little on the loud side when riding. The ACEC-9 Stealth bearings have a lower free-spin but are incredibly smooth and quiet when riding. Not sure which bearing type is best for you? Check out this blog article to learn more about the bearing types in Apex Wheels!

  8. Compatibility: Apex Wheels are compatible with most fingerboard trucks, ensuring that riders can upgrade their setup without purchasing new equipment.

  9. Customer Support: Teak Tuning has an excellent customer support team, ensuring that riders have access to help whenever they need it. Whether you have a problem with a product or would like some advice on which wheels would work best for you, Teak Tuning is here to help.

  10. Backed by the Teak Guarantee: Have an issue with your Apex Wheels? Let us know and we will make it right. All Apex Wheels are backed by our Teak Guarantee. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which wheels should I ride if I am new to fingerboarding?

For new fingerboarders, we would recommend starting out with the New Street Shape. These are the standard size and shape for fingerboard wheels and are a great starting point. After riding the New Streets, you can decide whether to size up, size down, or stay at the standard size.

Which Apex Wheels are the best for outdoors?

The ATP (All Terrain Polymer) Wheels are perfect for outdoor use. These wheels feature a low friction grip for a slick and smooth feeling while riding. The All Terrain Polymer wheels are incredibly smooth and will ride seamlessly on any surface, indoor or outdoor. 

What does durometer mean?

Durometer is the “hardness” of the material. The higher the durometer number, the harder the wheel. On the other hand, low durometer wheels have a softer feel. 

What is urethane and why does it squeak?

Urethane is a material that is used to make real skateboard wheels, and it has crossed over into the fingerboard scene. Over the years, urethane wheels have become increasingly popular with fingerboarders because of its unique feel and characteristics. Urethane material has great shock absorption and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Urethane also has a good grip with the ground - this is what causes the “squeak” sound that many fingerboarders love.

How can I clean my wheels?

Bearing wheels can get dirty sometimes, especially if you ride outdoors. Check out this blog post for tips and tricks for wheel cleaning.

Do you sell complete fingerboard setups with Apex Wheels?

Yup! We have professional complete Apex Wheels here


  • Wyatt N. FB

    These wheels are the best wheels that I’ve ever tried on any of my setups and I think I have them on pretty much all of them. If you are shopping for wheels, I recommend these.

  • Justin

    Just got some of the abec 9 stealth new street shape wheels and i’m loving them so far I recommend.

  • bryce

    just bought some street-style apex wheels!

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10 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Apex Wheels