Your Own Custom Carlsbad Complete

We recently released our new Carlsbad Cruiser decks, and now you can customize your own Carlsbad complete!

Step One: Pick your Carlsbad Cruiser Deck

Carlsbad Cruiser style decks are similar to the standard wooden Teak Tuning decks, but with a more pointed nose and squared off tail. The unique cruiser shape feels different and fun to ride, especially in bowls and transition fingerboarding.

Step Two: Pick your Prodigy Trucks

Prodigy Trucks are professional single axle trucks that come with lock nuts. You can pick either 32mm or 34mm Prodigy Trucks for your bundle and can choose between solid color or mixed colors sets!

Step Three: Add a set of wheels

Every complete needs a fresh set of bearing wheels! Select a pair of Teak 100D CNC Polyurethane Bearing wheels for your complete.

Step Four: Pick your color and durometer of Pro Duro Bubble Bushings

The new Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are available in multiple solid colors and swirls. In addition to picking your color, you can also pick the durometer (hardness) that you prefer!

Step Five: Add your custom bundle to your cart

Once all four components have been selected, add the bundle to your cart! You will get a discount on your complete (can’t be combined with any other discount codes).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it show one item in my cart but all the components during checkout?

That is totally normal and just how we process the custom complete.

Will the custom complete come assembled?

No, it will not.

Can I return just one of the items as a part of the complete?

You need to return the entire complete (unused) - all the components.  Partial returns are not accepted for custom completes.

Do the Custom Carlsbad Cruiser Completes come with board rails?

No, but you can accessorize with board rails, riser pads, or graphic wraps in our accessories section.

Will this be coming for other types of completes?


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Your Own Custom Carlsbad Complete Fingerboard