Which Fingerboard Tape Should I Use?

When browsing through all the tape options on Teak Tuning, the many options available may seem overwhelming. How do you know which one is right for you? Here’s a guide to the tape on Teak Tuning:


PROlific Foam Tape

Foam tape is the most common type of tape in fingerboarding. It's soft on your fingers, yet it provides a lot of grip for riding. Teak has a few kinds of foam tape. 

The PROlific Tape line is a collection of professional foam tape that includes:

1mm PROlific Tape: 1mm thin foam professional foam tape.

1mm “Easy Peel Edition” PROlific Tape: Exactly the same as 1mm PROlific tape, but this version is easier to peel the adhesive backing off.

0.5mm Ultra Thin Foam Tape: One of the thinnest tapes on the market! This thin tape helps you feel the shape of the board underneath it.

If you're not sure which foam tape you will prefer, you can get the Foam Tape Sample Pack to try out all three kinds.


Skate Grip

Teak Tuning skate grip is just like standard skateboard grip, but is slightly smoother so it does not hurt your fingers.

Skate grip is perfect for riders who want the realistic skateboard feel, enjoyed the skate grip on Tech Decks, or want to do Dark Slides.

A Dark Slide is a type of slide where you slide across the rail or ramp while your board is upside down. Standard foam tape will not slide, but skate grip is perfect for this trick.

The Teak skate grip line is one of the most diverse skate grip lines in the fingerboard market. We have simple solid colors, and graphic design skate grips. Each graphic is professionally printed into the grip, and will not come off.


Gecko Grip

Gecko Grip is a unique line of tape by Teak Tuning, and comes in a few versions.

This line of tape features unique textures that are completely different to the traditional foam tape and skate grip options, yet they are great for fingerboarding. Gecko Grip also tends to be more durable and last a lot longer than traditional tape options. Plus they're available in multiple colors!

Urethane Edition: Features a medium grip with a unique urethane texture.

Trick Tape Edition: Completely unique rubber-like texture with an insane grip. This tape is perfect for learning new stances and tricks such as the nollie and switch stances. This tape is available in two colors: charcoal and pink.

Smooth Urethane Edition: Features a semi-transparent colorway with a light grip and unique texture. This tape can also be used for Dark Slides and is recommended for more experienced riders.

Since the Gecko Grip is so unique, you may want to get the Gecko Grip Sample Pack to try a sheet of each kind and see which one you like best.




  • Logan

    How do I clean the gecko griptape?

  • Lunch Box

    Will you make a video on properly installing the gecko grip ?

  • Sawyer

    I love this shop

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Which Fingerboard Tape Should I Use?