What's All This About Teak Tuning Fingerboard Collaborations?

Waves.fb fingerboard collab graphic wrapTeak is collaborating with who?
Teak Tuning has started collaboratively designing products, starting with graphic wraps, with existing Teak Team riders and with local youth.

WellVentions is a non-profit business created and managed by teens. It is located super close to Teak HQ in Rochester, NY. 

A little more about WellVentions:

The teen entrepreneurs at WellVentions work in cohorts to develop products and manage a legacy social enterprise business at the Rochester Public Market. This "Mini Me Mart" serves as a vital career training ground as they test, market and sell their products, generating income to support their mission. During this process, they develop the social, emotional and business skills needed to transition from their neighborhoods and schools to become valued employees in the workforce and contributing citizens in their community.

Support Teak, but mostly Kuji, Isabela, Wyatt, A'Niyah and Christian, by adding a little flavor to your favorite fingerboard deck.

The Teak Team consists of fingerboard and skateboard riders that have a great attitude, a passion for Teak and for fingerboarding, and produce amazing content.

These graphic wrap collaborations allow Teak Tuning and fingerboarding as a whole to reach a brand new community while fully supporting the mission of WellVentions. Each youngster directly collaborated with Teak's in-house team to provide valuable work experience, exposure to design processes and to generate some ridiculously cool graphics. All this plus giving a bunch of kids a fun project to focus on during this miserable year!

The Teak Team are ambassadors for the Teak brand. We appreciate their contributions in all respects including now designing new products!

WellVentions Collaborations

Teak Team Rider Collaborations
WellVentions fingerboard collab graphic wrap

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  • Crew Johnson

    I live in salem utah and i’m 13 years old. I love to fingerboard and make cool designs. I would love to do a colab with you guys if you are looking for new designs.

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Teak Tuning - What's all this about collaborations? Sponsorship?