What Wheels Can I Ride on a Budget?

At first glance, premium fingerboard wheels can seem a little pricey! This is because professional fingerboard wheels are typically handmade from premium materials. For example, the Apex Wheels by Teak Tuning are designed and made in the USA with only the best materials and equipment. 

But what if you can’t afford a set of high end wheels, or maybe you’re looking for something a little more budget friendly. The Eco CNC Poly wheels are a great option for anyone who is on a budget but still wants a solid fingerboard bearing wheel option.

The Eco CNC Poly Wheels are an 85D and 100D durometers (hardnesses) and are available in multiple shapes and colors. Each set of wheels contains the Ultra Spin bearings which spin fast and long.

These wheels are compatible with all kinds of fingerboard trucks. This includes Teak Tuning collection trucks, Y-Trucks, Blackriver trucks, Dynamic trucks, Tech Deck trucks, and all other truck brands. 

OG Shape

The OG Shape has been around for years for a reason! This shape is closest to the “standard” fingerboard wheel shape. This shape is perfect for your everyday fingerboard setup and is available in 100D durometer.

Street Shape

The Street Shape is also a “standard” fingerboard wheel size, but it is optimized for street and outdoor riding. This shape is perfect for your everyday and main setup, plus it works well outdoors. 

Rounded Shape

The Rounded Shape is a new and unique shape that features a spherical shape. This spherical design decreases the riding surface area on the wheel and has a unique feeling while riding.

Fatty Shape

The Fatty Shape is wider than most fingerboard wheels and has more riding surface area. This shape is great for cruiser and bowl style fingerboard setups. 

How are these wheels different to the Apex Wheels?

The Apex Wheels are handmade from multiple materials like urethane, polymer blends, and high end plastics. The Apex Wheels are also available in more durometers, shapes, and bearing options. The Eco CNC Poly Wheels are a budget option for beginners, outdoor setups, or fingerboarders on a budget.

How does the durometer compare to the Apex Wheel durometers?

The 85D and 100D durometers combined with the hard material of the wheel gives the Eco CNC Poly Wheels a hard, smooth, and fast feeling while riding. 

How durable are the wheels?

These wheels are incredibly durable and can be ridden both indoors and outdoors.


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What Wheels Can I Ride on a Budget?