What should you ride your new fingerboard on?

The question of “what to skate on” can be answered with one simple word: anything! 

There are tons of fingerboard ramps and rails made from various materials, here are a few!  



Wooden Ramps 

Wooden ramps are one of the most common kinds of ramps in fingerboarding. You can’t go wrong with a smooth wooden ramp! 

Our favorite wooden Teak ramp is the picnic table ramp. This was the first (but not the last!) wooden ramp that Teak ever made. Each ramp is precision cut and then assembled by hand at Teak HQ in Upstate New York.

Concrete Ramps

Concrete ramps are pretty common in fingerboarding and see great because of their weight. The solid concrete construction is a lot heavier than most ramps and this prevents the ramp from sliding around while you use it. 

Teak concrete ramps like the concrete bench are hand poured in the USA. 

Metal Rails 

Rails are great for grinds and slides, plus they are fun to do combos on! The most common rails are round rails with a rounded top and square rails with a squared off top. Unique shaped rails are also available but not super common, like the Teak Guard Rail.


Synthetic/Plastic Ramps 


You probably remember your good old plastic Tech Deck ramps that you used when you first started fingerboarding, or maybe you still use them today! Plastic and synthetic ramps are lightweight, smooth and  easy to travel with. 

Our synthetic quarter pipe ramps are mini quarters pipes made of a high quality synthetic material to give you a throwback feel to the OG ramps!


Household Objects 

One of the greatest things about fingerboarding is that you can do it almost anywhere. If you don't have any ramps or rails, you can easily make your own spots using things found around the house. For example, stack up your old DVDs and video game cases to make the ultimate stair set or use a book as a ledge! 


Outdoor Spots

Just like skateboarders search for street spots to skate, fingerboarders can skate mini street spots as well. Turn a playground slide into a half pipe ramp or a stair set into the ultimate gap! Fingerboarding outside is a fun challenge for any fingerboarder. 

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  • Wee

    I’ve been a big fan of the dech for 5 years and I think ur products are better than tech deck (I’m sorry tech dech)

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What should you ride your new fingerboard on?