What Does "Limited Edition" Mean for Fingerboarding?

Here at Teak Tuning HQ, we design a TON of products. We know that not all of these will be a smash hit so we sometimes produce only a small amount of a new product. These products are labeled as "Limited Edition". If y'all are hype about these products, we'll make more and throw out the "Limited Edition" tag. If not, we'll focus our energy on products you love.

Absolutely love a "Limited Edition" product? Buy one and post about it all over social media!

Limited Edition products:
Graphic Wraps
Riser Pads
33.3mm Decks
Complete Setups
All "Limited Edition"

Check out our other blog posts on how to assemble your new fingerboard setups, what are riser pads, etc.

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Teak Tuning - What Does "Limited Edition" Mean for Fingerboarding?