What Are Fingerboard Riser Pads?

Teak Tuning Riser Pad Kit in Blue
What are riser pads?
Rider pads increase the height of your board allowing more control and a better pop. Teak Tuning riser pads measure 1mm in thickness and pair well with all Teak Tuning trucks and tuning. Each riser pad kit comes with 8 long screws.

Where did they come from?
Teak Tuning's riser pads are modeled from full-sized skateboard risers.

Where do they go?
Place these between the 
deck and the trucks to allow for more space between the wheels and deck. This way they won't rub against each other when you have loose trucks.

Fingerboard Trivia: It’s called “Wheel Bite” when the wheels get worn down by the deck. Riser pads can help avoid that.

Teak Tuning Riser Pad Kit in Pink

What's the 'T' indent for?
The 'T' stands for Teak Tuning! It will not affect performance in any way.

I want to see more!
Find all of our riser pads by clicking here.

Available in:

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  • isaiah

    Idk how to put on riser pads.

  • Loaf

    I have riser pads on my deck with prodigy truck and apex 77d and pork deck and they work great 👍

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Teak Tuning - What Are Riser Pads?