What are Bowl Style Cruiser Wheels?

Apex Wheels are professional fingerboard wheels that are made in the USA by Teak Tuning. The Bowl Style Cruiser Wheels are one of the many shapes we offer. These wheels are larger and wider than standard fingerboard wheels and are perfect for the Carlsbad Cruiser Decks and the Longboard Decks

Here’s everything you need to know about the Apex Cruiser Wheels: 

What size are the wheels?

The Cruiser Wheels are 5.25mm wide and have a 8.7mm diameter. 

How do they compare to the other Apex Wheels?

The Cruiser wheels are larger than the New Street shape, Shorty shape, and Slim Bowl shape. They are similar in size to the Globe Wheels but have a more traditional shape. 

What is the difference between the Bowl Style Cruiser wheels and the Slim Bowl shape?

The Slim Bowl shape is smaller than the original Cruiser shape. The Slim Bowl shape takes all the best aspects of the cruiser wheels and packs it into a regular sized fingerboard wheel.  

What is urethane?

Urethane is a material that is used to make real skateboard wheels, and it has crossed over into the fingerboard scene. Over the years, urethane wheels have become increasingly popular with fingerboarders because of its unique feel and characteristics. Urethane material has great shock absorption and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Urethane also has a good grip with the ground - this is what causes the “squeak” sound that many fingerboarders love.  

Do the Apex Wheels have a bearing lock?

Yes, all Apex Wheels now have a full bearing lock. This means that the bearing in the wheel will not be able to come out, except if a special bearing press is used to remove it. 

What does durometer mean?

Durometer is the “hardness” of the material. The higher the durometer number, the harder the wheel. On the other hand, low durometer wheels have a softer feel. Apex Cruiser Wheels are currently available in 61D and 71D options.  

Do they squeak?

Yes! Many fingerboarders love the squeak sound that urethane wheels make as you powerslide across a surface or do a sharp turn.  

Can I ride them with a regular setup as well?

Of course! Since these wheels are larger than standard wheels, most riders prefer to ride them on a Cruiser or longboard setup. However, you can ride them on any deck or trucks of your choosing.  

Will you be selling complete with Bowl Style Apex wheels?

Yes, you can build your own Carlsbad complete with Cruiser wheels and many other wheels here. You’re also welcome to buy all components separately and customize your own complete!  

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What are Bowl Style Cruiser Wheels?