Top 5 Spooky Fingerboard Picks for Fall

With Halloween around the corner and the fall season in full swing, it’s the perfect time of year to create a spooky Halloween setup! We’ve put together a collection of Spooky Picks that were inspired by fall and Halloween themes. Here are our top 5 picks for the 2022 Spooky Picks collection:


The “Midnight Stare” Heat Transfer Graphic Deck


The “Midnight Stare” graphic deck features an eerie pair of eyes on a black cat! This 34mm graphic deck is the perfect deck for a spooky Halloween inspired setup. Heat transfer graphics are “real wear” graphics which means they will wear down over time just like a real life skateboard graphic. This board will look great with black trucks, wheels, or tuning - something most riders already have in their collection.


The ‘Spooky Yeti” Deck Graphic Wrap


We may have a lot of graphic wraps in our Spooky Picks collection, but the Spooky Yeti graphic wrap is one of our seasonal favorites! This graphic wrap features the iconic Teak Yeti with a green face and an orange/transparent background. Graphic wraps are waterproof graphic decals that you can apply to the bottom of your deck to turn it into a graphic deck. With this Spooky Yeti graphic, you can turn any standard size fingerboard deck in your collection into a Halloween setup! Since part of the graphic is clear, the bottom ply of your deck will also show on the graphic.


Teal and Orange Swirl Pro Duro Grip Tape


While most fingerboard tape is black, you can add a little color to your fall setup with the Orange/Teal Pro Duro Tape! Pro Duro Tape is designed using a custom Teak Silicone Polymer Blend that features a completely unique feel, and provides ultimate control and trick performance. Pro Duro Grip Tape features a 41A durometer for a soft, yet super grippy and comfortable riding experience. Pro Duro Tape is available in multiple solid colors, swirls, glitter infused additions, and more, but the classic teal and orange swirl is perfect for fall themed setups! 


The “Bubble Bushings and Monsters” Heat Transfer Complete


If you’re looking for a color coordinated setup for the fall, the Bubble Bushings and Monsters complete is a great choice! This complete includes a heat transfer graphic with monsters, black foam tape, yellow Prodigy Trucks with lock nuts, Tie Dye Swirl Pro Duro Bubble Bushings, and red CNC wheels. 


The “Orange, Black, and Green Swirl” Pro Duro O-Ring Style Bushings


These Pro Duro O-Ring Bushings are custom molded from an ultra-premium silicone material with a consistent shape and hole placement on every single o-ring bushing. This allows us to keep the same unique shape but offer different durometers (hardnesses) and offer the ultimate level of customization. The Pro Duro O-Rings feature the OG “donut” shape like traditional o-ring tuning, but each o-ring is custom molded using the same premium materials and process as the Pro Duro Bubble Bushings. The Pro Duro O-Rings are available in a wide variety of solid colors and swirl colors, and the orange/black/green swirl is the perfect addition to any Halloween or Fall setup! 

Teak Pro Duro O-Rings are available in three durometers (hardnesses):

51A (Extra Loose) : Great for riders who prefer a super loose feel Maximum movement and most responsive.

61A (Loose) : Great for everyone, including new riders. Loose feel with extreme movement and responsiveness. 

71A (Medium) : Great for experienced riders or those who prefer a tight feel. Moderate movement with a tight feel. 

Want to see more Spooky Picks? Check out the full collection here!

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  • Tytus Hubbard

    I love teak tuning boards these are super cool thanks!

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Top 5 Spooky Fingerboard Picks for Fall