The Best Rail For Beginner and Pro Fingerboarders

Just like in skateboarding, fingerboarders use rails to do grinds and slides. Rails are usually made of steel or metal so they are easy to grind and slide across. While rails come in all shapes, sizes, and variations, certain rails are a little easier to use. 

The Best Rail For Beginner Fingerboarders 

If you’re new to fingerboarding and don’t have your Ollie down yet, the Pole Jam Entrance Rail is the perfect option to get familiar with rails. This rail features a pole jam entrance that is flush with the surface, similar to a kicker or bank. If you’re unable to jump up onto the rail with an Ollie or other tricks, this rail is easy to get onto with the pole jam. 

This rail is 12.5 inches long, 2.25 inches tall, and features a square top bar. 

Even though it’s great for beginners, it is also a fun rail to use for intermediates and professionals. The pole jame entrance can be used as a kicker, worked into combos, or used to get creative with your tricks! 

The Best Rail For Intermediate or Professional Fingerboarders 

Once you’re comfortable with riding on rails, the Fence Style T-Shaped Rail is the perfect rail to use for creative tricks, combos, and grinds. 

This rail is shaped like the letter T and is a square rail. This shape is fun to use and the combo possibilities are endless! 

In addition to the flat top, the fence style rails also have a lower rail that is close to the ground. While this is difficult to grind, it is a fun challenge! 

This rail features a 12 inch long section and a 5.5 inch long section with a height of 2.5 inches. 

If you’d like to check out the rest of the Teak Tuning rails, you can click here or visit the Ramps and Rails section on the website. 


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The Best Rail For Beginner and Pro Fingerboarders