The Best Gifts for Beginner Fingerboarders

If someone you know has recently started fingerboard or would like to start, here are our top five recommendations for gifts they’ll love: 

A Complete Fingerboard Setup 

The best place to start with fingerboarding is with… a fingerboard! Whether you’d like to get them their first fingerboard or add to their collection, Teak Tuning has a variety of fingerboard completes to choose from. 

What is a “complete” ?

When you see the word complete on the Teak Tuning site (and in fingerboarding in general) this means that the item includes everything that is needed: the deck, tuned trucks, wheels, and tape. When you buy a complete from Teak Tuning, you can be sure that it will include all the necessary components for a full fingerboard setup. 

Which complete fingerboard should I get?

If you’d like to get a colorful graphic complete, our Heat Transfer Completes are perfect! These fingerboards contain graphics that wear down over time like a realistic skateboard graphic. Most fingerboarders love the realism of these graphics! 

If your recipient may not want to build their fingerboard on their own, you can purchase a Pre-Assembled Fingerboard Complete. These fingerboards are ready to ride out of the package, all you have to do is apply the foam tape on top. 

If you’d like to treat a fingerboarder to a really high quality complete, our Apex Wheel Completes are a great choice. These fingerboard completes include a set of Apex Wheels. Apex Wheels are professional fingerboard wheels that are made in the USA from start to finish from premium materials. If you get one of these completes, your fingerboarder will not have to upgrade the wheels down the line if they stick with fingerboarding. 

Do fingerboardrs really need more than one fingerboard? 

While only having one fingerboard is completely fine, most fingerboarders have multiple setups. Occasionally this is because it’s nice to have a variety of colors, but having multiple fingerboards can also be beneficial. For example, many fingerboarders have different shaped decks, different wheel durometers (hardnesses), or different types of grip tape on their setup. Some fingerboarders also have a setup that is only for outdoor riding to save their other setups from outdoor wear and tear on rougher surfaces. 

The Fingerboard Builder Tool 

Fingerboard parts are incredibly tiny! Building a fingerboard setup and keeping track of tiny parts can be difficult for beginners, folks with larger or shaky hands, or those who just can’t seem to get used to the tiny parts. If you’re looking for a unique gift for a beginner, the Fingerboard Builder Tool is a perfect gift.

The Teak Tuning Complete Builder Vise acts as a steady "third hand" to assist you while making tuning or deck modifications, and for building or tearing down complete setups. 

This tool is made of durable urethane material. It's equipped with non-scratch white clamp jaws, and resin truck centering fixtures, for a firm hold on the fingerboard when making adjustments.

Another perk of this gift option is that this is a tool that is unique to Teak Tuning. If you’re worried you may buy a gift that the fingerboarder already owns, this is a great option because Teak is one of the only companies that makes this unusual and unique tool. 

Fingerboard Repair Kit

Tiny parts and tiny tools can be difficult to work with. While all Teak Tuning completes will include a standard tool, the Fingerboard Repair Kit is a game changer when it comes to setting up a fingerboard. 

This tool kit includes two large tool handles with interchangeable bits. These are significantly easier to grip, twist, and use due to their size. In addition, the bits are lightly magnetic and will stick to the small hardware. 

This tool kit also includes an engraved case to keep all the parts together. While standard fingerboard tools are easy to lose due to their tiny size, this protective case makes it easier to find, store, and transport the tools.

The Kicker Ramp

The kicker ramp is the perfect ramp for beginners because it has a smooth transition onto the ramp and has a wide riding surface. There’s no need to Ollie (jump) onto the ramp or try to do a trick to get on it - simply ride up on the kicker and launch off. This ramp can easily be enjoyed, even if you’ve only been fingerboarding for a few minutes! Each kicker is handmade in the USA to ensure that each ramp has a seamless and smooth transition. 

What if the fingerboarder already has ramps? They might have a kicker already!

If you don’t know what your recipient already has in their fingerboard ramp collection, this kicker is a safe option. Having more than one kicker is fine, in fact, it’s fun! Kickers can be combined to create fun gaps or long banks, even if they are different sizes/brands. 

Can they still use a kicker when they progress?

Yes! Kickers may be great for beginners, but they are also a commonly used ramp for intermediates and professionals. Regardless of their skill level, they’ll always have a place for a kicker (or a few) in their collection. 

The Polejam Entrance Rail 

If your recipient is new to fingerboarding and doesn’t have their Ollie down yet, the Pole Jam Entrance Rail is the perfect option to get familiar with rails. This rail features a pole jam entrance that is flush with the surface, similar to a kicker style ramp. The entrance transitions into a regular square fingerboard rail and drops off at the end like a traditional fingerboard rail.  If they’re unable to jump up onto the rail with an Ollie or other tricks, this rail is easy to use with the pole jam. 

Even though it’s great for beginners, it is also a fun rail to use for intermediates and professionals. The pole jame entrance can be used as a kicker, worked into combos, or used to get creative tricks! 

What if the fingerboarder already has rails? They might have one of these already!

This rail is not a very common style so the probability that your recipient already owns one is low. However, even if they do already own one, they can still have fun with two! These rails can be combined with each other or lined up for extra fun.

My fingerboarder already has a different rail, does he/she really need more than one rail?

Most fingerborders own multiple rails because each rail has a different riding experience. Many fingerboarders like to have a variety of different shapes, heights, lengths, and types of rails in their collection to change things up and learn tricks on all of the different rails. If your fingerboarder already has other rails, they can still enjoy this addition to their rail collection.

Can they still use this rail when they progress?

Yes! This may be a great option for beginners, but it is also a fun rail for riders of all skill levels. Even when a fingerboarder progresses past the beginner stage, they can still enjoy this rail. Check out this video of an advanced fingerboarder riding this rail:

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The Best Gifts for Beginner Fingerboarders