Team Rider Signature Swirls

Team Rider Signature Swirls

Teak Tuning is proud to have a team of fingerboarders who represent and ride for Teak. Over the years, Teak has collaborated with the Teak Team to create signature graphics, bushings, and more.

We are excited to announce that the first batch of the new Teak Pro Duro Signature Swirls was just launched! Each unique colorway was inspired by a Teak Team rider.

Each set of Pro Duro Bubble Bushings is molded from an ultra-premium silicone material with a consistent shape and hole placement on every single bushing. Each color comes in three different durometers (hardnesses):


51A Durometer: Great for those who prefer a super loose feel - The most responsive tuning offered with maximum truck movement and range.

61A Durometer: Great for all ability levels - Very responsive – Allow for extreme truck movement and range.

71A Durometer: Great for those who prefer a tighter feel that allows for crisper movement and tricks - Provide a moderate amount of truck movement and range.


The Watermelon Swirls were inspired by Teh FB, a Teak Team rider in New York. Each bushing features a fruity colored red and green swirl. Small specs of black glitter are featured in each semi-transparent swirl, making it look like a juicy piece of watermelon. While Teh FB prefers the 61A durometer, you can ride these Watermelon Swirls in any Pro Duro durometer.


The Neon Swirls were inspired by Eusi, a skater and fingerboarder in Upstate New York who has proudly been shredding with his fingers and feet for years. These bright neon swirls feature bright yellows, pinks and oranges mixed together. Eusi personally prefers the 51A durometer, but you can make any setup stand out and get these in all three Pro Duro durometer options.


The Waves Swirls were inspired by @Waves.fb, one of the recent additions to the Teak Team! His Pro Duro Swirls feature a range of ocean blues into white. He prefers a they wavey feel of the 51A durometer, but you can ride these waves in any Pro Duro durometer.


The Baby Blue and Grey Swirls were inspired by Teak Team rider Charlie Hansen. Charlie is known for his crazy gaps, insane late flips, and outdoor spot finds. For his big gaps, he prefers the firm feel of the 71A durometer to get a solid and clean landing. His signature swirls are available is all Pro Duro durometers.


Each version of the Signature Pro Duro Bubble Bushings is available in all three durometers on


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Team Rider Signature Swirls