2020 Holiday Fingerboard Gift Guide

Teak Tuning Fingerboard 2020 Holiday Christmas Gift Guide
Love fingerboarding? Know someone who loves fingerboarding? Know an avid skateboarder looking for a new adventure?
Not sure what they want? 
We got you covered.
& we're always releasing new stuff!

Teak Tuning New To Fingerboarding Holiday Gift GuideTeak Tuning Fingerboard Starter Set

Starter Sets

Teak Tuning starter sets are available in 32mm and 34mm versions (check out our blog post for the lowdown on the difference between the sizes). These kits include everything anyone could need to start assembling, riding and collecting their own fingerboards. 

Included in all starter kits:
- Deck
- Wheels
- Carrier
- Trucks
- Tools & Screws
- Grip Tape
- Additionals for making it fancy (skate grip tape, graphic wraps, etc.)

Teak Tuning Limited Edition Black Friday Complete Fingerboard Setup

Complete Fingerboards
Teak Tuning complete fingerboard setups are available with different components that suit the standard rider all the way through to the pro rider. (Our blog post details the entire list of components included).

To round out the 2020 year, we will be releasing limited edition designs especially for the holidays! Keep checking here for those.

Teak Tuning Mystery Fingerboard Starter Set

Really unsure which one to get?
Grab a mystery set! Our mystery starter sets are a complete unknown. You're guaranteed to get everything that comes in a normal starter set but which colors, designs and styles you get are a complete surprise (like when they revealed the villain in those vintage cartoons, but better!)

Teak Tuning Fingerboard Holiday Gift Guide Avid Fingerboarder
We get it. You already have the basic stuff. What more do you need?


Teak Tuning Fingerboard Shoes Red Black Blue

Fingerboard Shoes
Teak Tuning's fingerboard shoes (in red, black and blue) take fingerboarding to the next level. They're fun, teeny and just a little bit adorable. Throw these on next time you're fingerboarding for that extra little pop.

Teak Tuning Fingerboard Concrete Ramp

Ramps & Rails
All the gear but nothing to ride on? Check out our ever-growing range of ramps, rails and barriers. Ranging from concrete to wood to polymer composite, create your own skate park to truly show off your tricks.

Teak Tuning Fingerboard Graphic Wraps & Tape

Graphic Wraps, Skate Grip & Tape
We cannot shout about these enough. If your old deck looks tired and used (which we love), whack on a graphic wrap, some new tape or skate grip and you have yourself a brand new fingerboard! We're constantly designing new wraps and even have a giveaway for this holiday period where you can design your own (+ your own starter set!).

Teak Tuning Fingerboard Beanie Hat

Everyone loves a good t-shirt. Head over to our merch section now to catch limited edition beanies and t-shirts. (Hey, we're adding more merch soon!)

Teak Tuning Fingerboard Holiday Gift Guide Skateboarder Skateboard Skateboarding

Spent your whole life skateboarding but wondering what fingerboarding is all about? Maybe the person you have for Secret Santa super into skateboarding but the $20 max closes off the skateboard market pretty much completely? Aha! Introduce them to fingerboarding!

Teak Tuning Starter Kit Fingerboard 34mm

Check out our starter kits for the true beginner package. Or put together your own quasi-kit with our selection of bubble bushingsdecks, wheels, trucks, and graphic wraps.

As always, any questions/product recommendations, email or shoot us a DM.

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Teak Tuning 2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Fingerboarding