Teak Trick Tip - Denny Politan Flip


Most fingerboarders probably scratch their head or raise their brow when they hear this trick! The “Denny Politan Flip” was named after the person who created it and is a fun and easy grab variation of the impossible.

Tricks to Know:

The only trick you need to know is the regular impossible. This is a trick in which the board spins around your back finger. Honestly, you don’t need to even have the impossible down! As long as you can pop the board into the initial rotation, you are all set!

The First Step:

Set up your fingers like you are about to do an impossible and begin the impossible rotation. Just like an impossible, move your index finger out of the way as the board begins to rotate. When the board goes upside-down in the rotation, grab the board between your ring finger and middle finger. You can grab it in the middle of the board or on the kicks (the middle is way easier when you are learning this trick).

Grab It With Your Ring Finger?!

Yup! This will feel very awkward at first because the ring finger is not typically used in fingerboarding, but it will feel natural after a while!

After the Grab:

Once you have the board between your fingers, turn it the right way round by either closing your hand or rotating the board in your fingers. Once the board is the right way round once again, you can either place it down or toss it down and roll away.

Practice, Practice, Practice:

While this truck is not the hardest to learn, it definitely takes some practice to get used to it! As you become more comfortable with using your ring finger for the grab, do the trick faster and in one smooth motion.


This is a unique trick so think outside the box and make it your own! You can do this trick is any stance you are comfortable in, do it on/off ramps, do it into grinds and more!

Teak Tuning Zebrawood Complete Fingerboard

Of course you'll need a fully assembled setup to do this trick! Check out our starter kits or complete fingerboard setups. And our 'how to assemble your fingerboard' blog.

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Teak Trick Tip - Denny Politan Flip