Teak Maker Series: Wholesale Fingerboard Products For Creators, Brands & Hobbyists

The Teak Maker Series is a collection of blank and unbranded fingerboard products that are sold in bulk for a discounted price. Whether you're looking to build a large inventory of fingerboards with your designs or just want to have fun crafting your own custom decks, this collection of unbranded gear offers a blank canvas for you to get creative with.

Teak's Maker Series is perfect for wholesalers, creatives, and makers of fingerboards! Most items in the Maker Series come in packs of 10, and you are also free to rebrand and resell your creations.

Check out the current Maker Series lineup:

  • Urethane Wheels: These wheels are handmade in the USA from start to finish with high quality urethane. These wheels feature a standard wheel size and shape that will fit all fingerboard trucks.

  • Maple Fingerboard Decks: Blank maple decks are available in the standard popsicle shape, the Carlsbad Cruiser shape, and the Boxy shape.

  • Foam Tape: Wholesale fingerboard foam tape is available in classic black (1mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm), white foam edition, cream foam edition, and by-the-foot in large sheets. Mini grip files are also available to file down and shape the foam tape.

  • Lock Nuts and Hardware: Lock Nuts are a must-have for any professional fingerboard setup. Lock Nuts differ from standard lock nuts because they contain a nylon insert that secures the lock nut to the trucks to prevent your wheels or tuning from coming loose. The Maker Series offers wholesale fingerboard lock nuts in silver, gold, and black color options.

  • Fingerboard Trucks: From basic trucks to professional trucks, the Teak Maker Series has a wide variety of wholesale fingerboard truck options in multiple widths, colors, and designs.

  • Bearings: If you’d like to make your own fingerboard wheels or swap out the bearings in wheels, the Teak Maker Series has two high quality bearing options. The Ultra Spin bearings spin fast and have a long free-spin, but are a little loud when riding. The Stealth ABEC-9 bearings have a lower free-spin but are silent and smooth when riding.

So why should you get your wholesale fingerboard products from the Teak Maker Series instead of a supplier in China? While ordering in bulk from China is definitely an option, here’s why you might want to consider the Teak Maker Series instead:

  • Low Minimums: The minimum order quantity for items in the Teak Maker Series is 10 sets.

  • Fast (and often free) shipping from the USA: Teak Tuning is located in New York, USA and all items are shipped within 1-2 business days. We also offer free shipping to the USA for all orders over $50.

  • Quality checks and guarantees: Before you get your items, we’ll check each individual product to ensure it is high quality and usable. In addition, if anything arrives damaged or is lost in transit, it is backed by the Teak Guarantee and we’ll replace anything that is lost or damaged.

  • Unique and curated collection: Since we’ve been in business for a decade, we’ve had plenty of time to create and curate high quality and unique fingerboard products. 

  • Made in the USA: Some items in the Teak Maker Series are custom-made in the USA. For example, the urethane wheels are made in the USA from start to finish using premium materials.

If you’d prefer to sell or distribute items with Teak branding in your store, we also have a separate wholesale program that is different from the Maker Series. If you're a distributor looking to sell Teak branded products, head on over here to apply for a distributor account. 


  • Jen

    HI there, I am interested in wholesale supplies. Mostly just for making boards for fun/family/friends etc. I would love to find out more.

  • Matt Regrut

    Can I get some pictures and specifications of your bulk urathene wheels and the price I have a deck company im reopening and I shave a supplier for trucks and grip but I need one for bushings lock nuts and wheels please lmk asap with a menu of items if possible thanks!!!

  • Kathy

    My ten year old son wants to create fingerboards for a makerspace project. We want to buy 40 trucks (20 fingerboards). He will make wooden wheels. Would we be able to purchase these

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Teak Maker Series: Wholesale Fingerboard Products For Creators, Brands