Realistic Fingerboard Jersey Barrier

Teak Tuning just released a realistic street-inspired fingerboard jersey barrier! This barrier was modeled after a realistic barrier - the kind that is placed on roads to direct traffic or block off an area.


The sides of the ramp feature a realistic design with indentations and a Teak logo. This design will not interfere with riding in any way.

This barrier measures 2.25" tall, and is 7" long. The top ledge measures 1" wide and the transitions taper to 2" wide at the base. You can ride the top and also use the sides as transitions.

Just like the realistic version, the new Teak barriers can be lined up and linked together if you own multiple barriers. This makes it quick and easy to do combo tricks or have an extra long fingerboard barrier. 

The Monument Series is a brand new series of ultra premium, super durable concrete fingerboard barriers and obstacles. Each ramp is designed, manufactured, and hand poured by Teak Tuning in the USA. 

Teak Tuning's Monument Series obstacles are custom molded with a unique blend of polymers for smoothness and exceptional durability. The versatile polymer modified concrete has superior physical and performance properties compared to regular concrete products. Each ramp will also come with a Teak sticker and a sheet of non-slider material that you can cut and place on the bottom of your obstacle. Due to the weight of concrete ramps, non-sliders may not be needed but will always be included.

Just like concrete skateboard obstacles, the Monument Series ramps will start to have a “real wear” look after they have been shredded for a while.

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  • Ale

    This thing looks clean. Like, you could get the hardest tricks on it and the grind feel amazing. I just really want to know what the indents in the side of it are for other then asthetic.

  • Anonymous

    This looks so awesome!

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Realistic Fingerboard Jersey Barrier