Prodigy Pro Inverted Kingpin Trucks

If you’re looking for a professional quality set of trucks, the new Prodigy Trucks Inverted Kingpin Trucks are a great option! 

These trucks are similar to the original Prodigy Pro Trucks, but they have a few different features. Most notably, they have an inverted kingpin. This means that the kingpin is screwed into the baseplate. Lock nuts are not necessary for this type of locking system. Inverted kingpins help secure the tuning into place and will decrease the likelihood of your tuning coming off. The inverted kingpin is compatible with all standard fingerboard tools.

These trucks also have slightly different baseplates to the original Prodigy Pro Trucks. These baseplates are compatible with all standard fingerboard screws.

These trucks come with pre-installed shaped tuning. This tuning is similar to Pro Duro Bubble Bushings, but they have a different shape and are only available in a 90A durometer.

We’ve kept many of the same colorways as the original Prodigy Trucks, but we’ve also added a few new colors! One of the most unique colors is the electric blue hanger. In the past, only the silver and gold Teak trucks had a shiny chrome finish. With these new trucks, we now offer a blue chrome hanger that looks out of this world!

Each set of Prodigy Pro Inverted Kingpin Trucks includes all necessary components, hardware, and a tool. 

You can check out the new Prodigy Pro Inverted Kingpin Trucks here!

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Prodigy Pro Inverted Kingpin Trucks