New “Teak Teal” Fingerboard Decks! 

Ever since Teak was founded in 2014, teal has been the official colorway. We’re excited to announce that we now have “Teak Teal” colorways for fingerboard decks! 

The Teak Teal boards are available in two different shapes. The popsicle shape deck is the standard fingerboard shape with rounded edges. The boxy shape is a unique shape that features a boxy shaped nose and tail. This shape may not be traditional, but it is fun and easy to ride. 

Each deck is handmade from five cross-grain plies of high quality wood veneer for maximum strength and durability. The bottom, middle, and top plies are teal colored. 

The bottom of each deck features a Teak engraving and the top ply features a small engraving of the deck dimensions.

The Teak Teal decks are available in 32mm, 34mm, and 35mm widths. 

Want to make a teal setup with matching parts? Here are some teal recommendations:


Matching Bushings: 

If you like to ride shaped tuning, the Teal Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are a great choice. These bushings are inspired by real skateboard bushings and are available in three different durometers. 

If you prefer o-ring style tuning, the Teal Pro Duro O-Ring Bushings will match the teal decks perfectly, These o-rings are custom molded and are available in three different durometers. 

Matching Wheels:

Apex Wheels are available in multiple different shapes and color variation, including many teal colorway options! Each set of Apex Wheels is made with premium materials in the USA and features a bearing lock design.

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    i want one these are the coolest things in the world

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New “Teak Teal” Fingerboard Decks!