New Shorty Apex Wheels

The latest addition to the professional Apex Wheels line just dropped! The new “Shorty” shape is now available in multiple colors. 

The mini "Shorty" shape wheels are slightly smaller than the average fingerboard wheel. These small and compact wheels are great for maximum control and doing tricks on all kinds of surfaces. Measuring 6.6mm in diameter and 5mm wide, these wheels are great for easy riding and performing a variety of tricks.

The Shorty Apex Wheels contain premium bearings with an ABEC-9 rating. These bearings are our highest quality fingerboard wheel bearings. They are extremely smooth and completely silent. These are sturdy bearings that will allow extreme movement and control. However, due to them being greased and completely shielded, they do not have the free spin our "Ultra Spin" Edition bearings do. In actual use, they are extremely responsive and have a very free roll.

Like all other Apex Wheels, these wheels are made in the USA with a premium urethane material. Each set of wheels also features a bearing pocket that locks the bearing into place. This will ensure that your bearing will not fall out, slide around, or slip on your truck axle. 

Shorty Shape Specs:

  • MATERIAL: Premium Urethane
  • SIZE: 6.6mm diameter, 5mm wide
  • BEARINGS: Premium ABEC-9 Stealth Bearings

What is urethane?

Urethane is a material that is used to make real skateboard wheels, and it has crossed over into the fingerboard scene. Over the years, urethane wheels have become increasingly popular with fingerboarders because of its unique feel and characteristics.

Urethane material has great shock absorption and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Urethane also has a good grip with the ground - this is what causes the “squeak” sound that many fingerboarders love. 

Do the Apex Wheels have a bearing lock?

Yes, all Apex Wheels now have a full bearing lock. This means that the bearing in the wheel will not be able to come out, except if a special bearing press is used to remove it.

What durometers can I get the new Shorty Wheels in?

The Shorty Apex Wheels are currently available in 71D, with more durometers to follow. 

Do they squeak?

Yes! Many fingerboarders love the squeak sound that urethane wheels make as you powerslide across a surface or do a sharp turn.

What other sizes are available?

Apex Wheels are currently available in three different shapes:

Bowl Style Cruisers (left): Larger and thicker wheels, ideal for cruiser and old school setups.
New Streets (middle): The “standard” size fingerboard wheel.
Shorty Shape (right): The “mini” wheel size. 

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  • Brandon

    These wheels perform beautifully and I plan on purchasing more sets!
    I have sol shorties

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New Shorty Apex Wheels