New Professional Prodigy Swerve Fingerboard Trucks

If you’re in the market for a set of professional fingerboard trucks, the new Prodigy Swerve Trucks are a great option!

These trucks feature contoured hangers with a professional shaped design. The hangers are paired with the Prodigy baseplates that have been included with the Prodigy Trucks for years. These baseplates have been ridden for years by riders around the world and are compatible with all standard fingerboard decks and screws.

These trucks also feature an inverse kingpin design. This will ensure that the tuning is securely fastened to your trucks and won’t come loose during riding.

These trucks sit lower/closer to the ground than standard Prodigy Trucks. While these trucks will work with all types of single and dual bearing wheels, standard or smaller wheels are recommended. While all types of wheels will fit on these trucks, larger wheels like the Globe Wheels and Cruiser Wheels may touch the deck while turning with loose bushings. 

Teak Apex Wheel Recommendations:

  • Slim Bowl Shape: Hybrid between the New Street and Cruiser Shape. All the awesome features of cruiser wheels, but in a standard size wheel.

Whether you prefer urethane wheels, ATP (All Terrain Polymer) Wheels, or Performance Plastic wheels, the New Street, Shorty, and Slim Bowl Apex wheels of all materials will fit these trucks perfectly. If you’d like to use Globe Wheels or Cruiser Bowl Wheels, medium or tight tuning is recommended.   

Each set of trucks is both assembled and tuned. Each set includes:

  • Two trucks with pre-installed o-ring tuning
  • Set of clear pivot cups
  • 4 lock nuts with nylon inserts
  • 8 screws 
  • Standard fingerboard tool

LAUNCH SALE: For a limited time, you can get a free set of Pro Duro O-Ring Bushings with your set of Prodigy Swerve Trucks! Simply add a set of Prodigy Server Trucks and a set of Pro Duro O-Rings to your cart and the Pro Duro O-Rings will be free at checkout. No coupon code is needed. This sale will only be valid for a limited time following the launch of the Prodigy Swerve Trucks.

How do these trucks compare to the regular Prodigy Trucks?

While the regular Prodigy Trucks are still a great option, these trucks are definitely a step up! They have a unique hanger design, lower/shorter design, and have inverse kingpins.

What is an inverse kingpin?

This means that the kingpin is screwed into the baseplate. Lock nuts are not necessary for this type of locking system.

How can I keep up to date with new product releases like this

Here are a few ways to stay in the loop:

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  • keaton

    I love my new trucks the grinds are so smooth!

  • Kacen

    THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR MAKING DYNAMIC TRUCKS CHEAPER AND IN MANY COLORS! Teak you are and always be my favorite fingerboard brand.

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New Professional Prodigy Swerve Fingerboard Trucks