New Poly Ramps

New Poly Ramps

The new Poly Ramps line was recently released with three shaped curbs! 

The original Straight Curb looks like a traditional parking curb and is completely straight. This is the OG shape for curbs and is easy and fun to ride. This version is available in the OG “concrete grey” colorway and is also available in the limited edition “Lava Flow” and “Aqua Lapis” colorways. 

The S-Shape Edition curb features a mellow S shape and is a fun spin on the standard shape that is easy yet run to ride. 

The C-Shape Edition curb features is shaped like the letter C. This curb has more curves and is a unique ride. This curb is great if you’d like something new and different to standard straight ramps/rails. 

Can’t decide on which shape to get? Try them all out in the combo pack and get all three! 

Each parking curb ramp is made from a synthetic, stone-like material that is much lighter than concrete but features superior durability. The material is more resistant to cracks and breaking compared to actual concrete. The lightweight construction is designed with a low center of gravity to resist tipping.

As the Poly Ramps line grows, more kinds of ramps will be released. Follow Teak Tuning on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date with the releases. 

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New Poly Ramps