New Modular Fingerboard Kicker Ramps

Teak Tuning is excited to announce that two new kickers have been added to the Monument Series! The Monument Series is a brand new series of ultra premium, super durable concrete fingerboard barriers and obstacles. Each ramp is designed, manufactured, and hand poured by Teak Tuning in the USA. 

The new Lowboy Kickers are small kickers that can be used on their own or with many other Monument Ramps. Each kicker has a smooth transition that is easy to ride onto. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, these kickers are the perfect addition to any fingerboard collection. 

The LowBoy 1.0 Kicker measures 1 inch tall at its highest point, and is 3 inches long and 3 inches wide. This kicker ramp is fun on its own or will make a great addition to any fingerboard obstacle, park, or spot. 

The LowBoy 1.5 Kicker will align perfectly with these Monument Ramps:

The LowBoy 1.5 Kicker will align perfectly with these Monument Ramps:

While the kickers will fit certain ramp heights perfectly, you can still use them with ramps and rails from any company. 

Each kicker is available as a single pack or a pack of two so you can line them up and combine them with ramps.

New to fingerboarding? Kickers are the perfect ramp to get started with! Since kickers have a smooth transition, you won’t need to worry about doing an Ollie (jump) or other tricks to get onto the kicker. Kickers also make it easier to learn new tricks because you can get more height and airtime when you launch off the kicker.


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New Modular Fingerboard Kicker Ramps