New Miniature Traffic Cones

Since fingerboarding is a miniature version of skateboarding, we’ve created a few more miniatures to add to your collection! One of the latest realistic miniatures is the new “Safety Orange” traffic cone.


This traffic cone is modeled after a realistic traffic cone, plus we added a few subtle Teak touches. Each cone is a similar orange to real traffic cones, stands 2.5” tall, and has a 1.75” square base with a subtle Teak design.

The miniature traffic cone is the perfect addition to any fingerboard collection. You can do tricks over it, add it to a realistic miniature spot, or get creative with bonks, spins, or tricks on top of it.

Like many of our products, the new cone is designed and made in the USA by fingerboarders, for fingerboarders. 

Want to try out the new miniature traffic cone? You can pick one up here!


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  • Kane

    When will this item be back in stock?

  • Brayden Dalton

    I love cones they just add to the whole dynamic of a Fingerboard skatepark they just kinda fit in and just make it a tad bit better to look at and ride i mean you can do BS180s and Ollie it KICKFLIP it there is so much u can do with it and yet it’s so cheap and so small it’s basically perfect.

  • nassar

    i do like me some traffic cones

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New Miniature Traffic Cones