New Lightweight Poly-Ramp Designs 

Teak Tuning just released five new Poly-Ramps! The Poly Ramp series includes ramps that are made of a synthetic stone-like material that is durable and smooth. This material is much lighter than concrete, but it has a superior durability and is significantly less likely to crack.

Due to the design of the new Poly-Ramps, they are easy to store and will take up less space when you stack them. This will help cut down on the amount of space that your fingerboard ramp collection takes up. These ramps are also ideal for traveling because they are lightweight, portable, and don’t take up a lot of space. 

This new lineup includes an Arch Ramp, a Box Style Ledge, and three different kicker types. 

Arch Poly Ramp

The Arch Poly Ramp is 7” long and features a 2” circular hump shaped transition. Each side of the ramp has a smooth transition. This ramp is perfect for doing tricks, using as a kicker, or riding over in a line. Both sides of this ramp feature a smooth and seamless transition so you can ride your fingerboard on and off this ramp with ease.

Box Style Poly-Ramp

This ramp is 7” long and 2” wide, and the top riding surface measures 6" in length and 3" in width. This ramp has a flat top that can be used as a ledge or manny pad. This smooth material makes it fun and easy to do manuals, slides, and grinds across the top of this ramp. 

Low Rise Kicker Poly-Ramp

This low rise kicker features a gradual and low transition, and the ramp is 6” long and 3” wide. This kicker is lower than most traditional fingerboard kickers, and it has a smooth transition for easy riding.

Mid Rise Kicker Poly-Ramp

This kicker features a steeper incline and measures 5" long, 3" wide, and is 2" tall at its highest point. Like all the other Teak kickers, this kicker features a seamless transition that is easy to ride onto. 

Launch Kicker Poly-Ramp

This kicker has a unique design and twist! Unlike most kickers that have a flat include, this kicker has a curved incline similar to a quarter pipe. When riding off this kicker, it will feel like your fingerboard is being launched into the air. This kicker measures 4.5" long, 3" wide, and is 1.5" tall at its highest point.

Helpful Tip: When learning how to nollie or switch ollie, try doing it off a kicker! The incline will help you pop up the board and you will have more airtime to straighten out the board before landing. You can also do this when learning nollie and switch tricks. 

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New Lightweight Poly-Ramp Designs