New Intricate and Fun “Toon Series” Fingerboard Boards Rails

Board rails are placed down the side of your deck to protect the graphic on your fingerboard or to add some color and character to your fingerboard. While they do have a function, many riders also choose to use them simply because they look cool!

Up until recently Teak Tuning has a single shape - the Gem Edition shape that has a similar shape to standard board rails, but they feature slightly faced edges like gemstones.

We’re excited to announce the new “Toon Series” board rails! This series includes intricate designs that are made of a high quality resin material. This resin material is ultra smooth and is perfect for slides and grinds. 

The “Toon Series” features new fingerboard board rail shapes:

The screw-in board rails may look like the traditional skateboard rails, but keep in mind that these will make permanent holes in your board. If you plan on keeping your board rails in or like the way they look, then the screw-in board rails will work great for you. To apply your screw-in board rails, follow these steps:

  1. Place the board rail on your board in the position where you would like it.
  2. Use a fingerboard tool to screw in the middle screw.
  3. Once the middle screw is secure, apply the screws to the two outer holes.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the second board rail.
  5. Double check that all screws are tightened, then start your session!

The screws will go into your board, but they will not go through your board or poke your fingers. Each pack also includes an extra screw, or you can use black board rail screws instead.


  1. Applying the board rails screws is more challenging than applying screws to your trucks when you assemble a setup. Using a professional tool will help with this process because they're easier to grip and twist. 
  2. Use a thumbtack to make a small hole in your board first. This will make it significantly easier to screw the board rail in. 

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New Intricate and Fun “Toon Series” Fingerboard Boards Rails