New Cream Colored Foam Tape


Foam Tape is one of the most popular options for fingerboard grip tape, and the majority of foam tape is only available in a solid black colorway. 

We’re excited to announce that Teak Tuning now has a new color of foam tape! You can now get Cream Colored Foam Tape!

The latest addition to the PROlific Tape lineup is 1mm thin, has an adhesive backing, and has a solid cream coloring. 

The Cream Edition tape has a slightly softer feel than our Black PROlific foam tape. The foam has an extra soft, comfortable texture, and provides the perfect amount of friction for optimal control for tricks, grinds, and slides.

Each sheet is standard fingerboard size (35mm wide, 110mm long) and is available in packs of 1, 2, 5, or 10 sheets. Each pack also includes a free mini file for application. 

Each sheet is also backed by our Right Fit Guarantee. Have an issue with a sheet of PROlific Foam Tape? Send us a photo of what happened and we'll fix it or replace it. 


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  • Logan

    This is very nice but its cream which is weird

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New Cream Colored Foam Tape