"Slim Bowl" Apex Wheels

The “Slim Bowl” Apex Wheels shape is a hybrid between a standard size fingerboard wheel and a cruiser fingerboard wheel. This design has all the classic features of a cruiser wheel, but they are packed into a standard size fingerboard wheel. Measuring 7.5mm in diameter and 5mm wide, these wheels are the perfect mix between the Cruiser Bowl shape and New Street shape. 

Here are the specs for the Slim Bowl Wheels:

  • Size: 7.5mm diameter, 5mm width 
  • Material: Premium Urethane
  • Bearing Lock: Yes

The Slim Bowls are very similar to the New Street wheels in width and diameter, but the two feature a slightly different shape. These wheels are a standard size fingerboard wheel that can be used on any setup or trucks, and they are great for all kinds of tricks. 

These wheels are designed and made in the USA using a premium quality, custom Teak blended urethane. Each wheel is cast and cut in New York. 

These Apex Wheels contain premium bearings with an ABEC-9 rating. These bearings are our highest quality fingerboard wheel bearings. They are extremely smooth and completely silent. These are sturdy bearings that will allow extreme movement and control. However, due to them being greased and completely shielded, they do not have the free spin our "Ultra Spin" Edition bearings do. In actual use, they are extremely responsive and have a very free roll.

Like all Apex Wheels, the Slim Bowls feature a bearing lock design that locks the bearing into place. Many fingerboarders love the squeak sound that urethane wheels make as you powerslide across a surface or do a sharp turn. The level of squeak will depend on the durometer of the wheel and the riding surface.

The Slim Bowls are currently available in both solid color and swirl urethane options. And if you’re a fan of white wheels, we’ve even got multiple shades of white colors for you to choose from! If you are looking for a solid set of standard size fingerboard wheels, the Slim Bowl wheels are definitely a great choice. You can check out the Slim Bowl wheels here.

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  • Azariah Simpson

    These wheels are so stinkin’ smooth. They feel great and ride perfectly. Definitely going to be my main wheels. Good price too! Definitely recommend this for the average fingerboarder.

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"Slim Bowl" Apex Wheels