Limited Edition Spooky Picks

With Halloween around the corner, Teak Tuning has launched a Spooky Picks collection to celebrate! In addition to existing products, we’ve released a few special items:

61D “Spooky Swirl” Apex Wheels 

With Halloween in mind, we’ve created a spooky urethane mix of black, orange, green, and yellow. Each set of Apex Wheels is made from premium urethane and features a bearing pocket to lock your bearings into place. 

These Spooky Swirls are available in 61D, the softer durometer we currently have. They are the “New Street” Shape which is comparable to most standard size fingerboard wheels.

“Spooky Yeti” Graphic Wrap 

We’ve taken our famous Teak Yeti design and turned it into a spooky remix! This limited edition Spooky Yeti features a white and green yeti with an orange background. 

You can use this graphic wrap to turn any standard size fingerboard deck into a graphic deck! Since this wrap is transparent in some areas, the bottom ply of your deck will show through behind the Yeti. 

“We Spooky” Graphic Wraps

The “We Spooky” graphic wraps are back! These limited edition graphic wraps are available in both clear background and white background versions so you can turn any fingerboard deck into a Halloween setup. 

In addition to these limited edition Halloween products, we’ve also added many other fingerboard items to the Spooky Picks section. You can click here to check out the full Spooky Picks collection! 

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Limited Edition Spooky Picks