How To Turn Your Fingerboard Into a Snowboard 

If you are in an area that gets snow during the winter, then the new Teak Finger Skis are the perfect addition to your collection. 

Each set includes four directional skis (2 left side and 2 right side) that can be attached to any fingerboard setup. Simply screw the ski attachments on your trucks and you’ll be able to glide through the snow! These skis are made out of a high quality resin material that is smooth, strong, waterproof, and weatherproof.

Each set also includes four stainless steel lock nuts to use with the skis. These stainless steel lock nuts won’t rust in the snow, and each lock nut contains a nylon insert that will secure the ski attachment to the truck.

The skis also a black sheet of Urethane Edition Gecko Grip Tape for optimal grip of your fingerboard setup. The Gecko Grip adhesive is waterproof and has the widest operating temperature range out of all Teak Tuning grip options. Unlike traditional foam tape that will lose grip in colder temperatures, Gecko Grip maintains its flexibility and does not lose any grip in low temps. This grip is perfect to apply to the setup you’d like to use in the snow.

You can use the snow skis to cruise around in the fresh snow or build your own snow/ice park! While soft snow is harder to pop tricks on, you can do multiple fingerboard tricks on the snow skate as well! 

We would recommend that you use gloves while riding in the snow to keep your fingers warm or wait until the snow is starting to melt and the weather is a little warmer.

Don’t live in an area that has snow? No problem! The snow skis can also be used on all kinds of terrains aside from snow. You can use these attachments on soft household surfaces such as a carpet or couch, plus you can also take your board to the beach and use it as a sand skate! 

Want to take a closer look at the Finger Skis? You can drag and rotate the 360 image below! 


  • Tyler Jones

    Please sell more snow skee sets in more colors for fingerboard decks can’t wait for cruiser snow cruiser skee snow board cool man

  • Gavin Voeltz

    Not to be rude but here’s another idea just ride with just a board.

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How To Turn Your Fingerboard Into a Snowboard